Linton Arneaud

Linton Arneaud (PhD. Environmental Biology) is the Vice President of the Trinidad and Tobago Field Naturalists Club (TTFNC); and the Manager of Trinbago Eco-environment Consulting (TEeC) - a private company that provides expertise in Tropical Forest Ecosystems, Environmental Health Remediation, Sustainable Resources, Biodiversity, Conservation, Endangered Plant Species, and Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA). Linton is also the Botany Group Coordinator for the TTFNC and an avid Naturalist.
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Moriche Palms are mass flowering in Trinidad

Synchronous patterns in Moriche palms (Mauritia flexuosa-Calamoideae) at the landscape-level scale are well known on…

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Psiguria mistaken for Chinese Ginseng in Tobago by locals

Farmers and local bushmen were amazed to learn that what they believe was the Chinese…

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Bamboo Flowering: a 150-year old natural spectacle

A Common Bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris) clump, situated along a hiking trail in the Bamboo Cathedral,…

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Flowering Miconia stenostachya observed on the summit of El Tucuche, Trinidad, WI.

Numerous Miconia stenostachya plants were observed during a hike to the top. Before this, members…

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Botany Trip to the Mt. Tamana, Central Range, Trinidad.

Members of the botany group (from left to right: Shane Manchouck, Linton Arneaud, Chantal Leotaud,…

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Fasciation in Manilkara Zapota L. (Sapotaceae), Trinidad

Sapodilla (Manilkara zapota) tree one year after a termite nest was burnt.(A) Normal long shoot…