Indiversity Group

Description of services
An integrated management group providing services in the following sectors:

  • Environmental and natural resources management
  • Environmental and social impact planning and management 
  • Urban and regional planning
  • Development design, consultation, assessment, plan development and management
  • Tourism planning and development
  • Nature and ecotourism product development
  • Nature tourism tours and guiding
  • Ecotourism, Cultural and heritage tours
  • Naturalist and birding tours 
  • Soft and adventure tours and guiding
  • Destination management and logistics
  • Film and photography location and fixing services
  • Art and design services
  • Media creative direction and art design management
  • Photo and film stock sourcing
  • Media product development
  • Human resources development
  • Human resources training and assessment
  • Customer service training
  • Tourism services training
  • Tour guide general naturalist training
  • Indiversity nature school
  • Indiversity training institute
  • Project and program management
  • Client representative project management
  • Development project management
  • Environmental and social impact project management

Jalaludin Khan 
M.Sc. Urb. Reg. Plan.
B.Sc. Env. Nat Res. Mag. and Int. Rel. Dip Design

Business phone & What’s app: 1868 7431604
Address: Post Box 1400, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies