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Crested caracaras mating

Crested caracaras (Caracara cheriway) are still considered a rare species in Trinidad, but as illustrated…

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Cowbird befriending an Oropendola

Giant Cowbirds are frequently seen around the colony of Crested Oropendola attempting to lay their…

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Tropical Mockingbird attacking a Parrot Snake

The Parrot Snake (Leptophis ahaetulla), being a good climber, was observed stealing eggs from the…

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A Grey-lined Hawk with its prey of a Giant Ameiva

A Grey-lined Hawk (Buteo nitidus) observed on a roadway near the Caroni Bird Sanctuary on…

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Nest pirates

The Piratic Flycatcher (Legatus leucophaius) does not build a nest of its own. Instead, it…

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Photo Gallery by Shane Manchouck

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Kiskadee stealing nesting material

The Great Kiskadee -always the opportunist- is captured here stealing material from the nest of a…

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Caracara raiding a bird’s nest

Yellow-Headed Caracara (Milvago chimachima) caught in the act of piercing the nest of a Yellow…

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One year in, one year to go

While I have been experimenting with camera traps in south Trinidad for several years now,…

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Asa Wright’s Legacy

One of my fond memories as a child was reading an article written by Williams…

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A Tale of Two Forests

Forest environments vary widely in their capacity to attract and sustain wildlife. From the dry…

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Known Unknowns

“We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say, we know there are…

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Treasures in the bush

For the last few weeks I have been spending most of my free time in…

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The 2011 Christmas Bird Count

The annual Christmas Bird Count was held in Trinidad and Tobago on 2 January 2012….

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Unfamiliar faces

It took me just about 15 minutes to drive to the South Oropouche Lagoon (SOL)…